We always aim to provide a high standard of care in all our services.

Our customers’ views are important to us and help to ensure our product and our service consistently meet industry standards and our customer’s needs.

We believe each of our customers have the right to a fair, swift and courteous service at all times.

This document sets out the complaints handling procedures that we will follow in the event that you make a complaint.

If you are unhappy with any of our services, it is important that you let us know.


For the purpose of clarity, we define a complaint as an expression of dissatisfaction, whether oral or written, and whether justified or not, from or on behalf of an eligible complainant about the firm’s provision of a property or failure to provide adequate associated services.

Minor defects

We treat issues associated with minor defects in a different way to that set out for ‘complaints’ in this document. We aim to deal with all minor defects issues from customers in line with guidance set out by the NHBC and the Consumer Code for Housebuilders.

Details of how to raise a minor defects issue are detailed in your ‘welcome pack’ letter, as well as guidance on who to contact.

It is important to note that a customer must give us the opportunity to investigate and fix a minor defects related issue. Woodall Homes cannot be responsible for fixing issues related with a third parties’ workmanship.


We aim to handle complaints quickly, effectively and in a fair and honest way. We take all complaints seriously and we treat all complaints in complete confidence.

Your complaint should be clear about the issue which has affected you in order to help us handle it in the most effective way.

You can make a complaint to us via the methods highlighted below:

In person – you can make an appointment and visit us at our Head Office to discuss your complaint in person with a member of our management team. Our Head Office address is: Woodall Homes Ltd, 2 Midland Court, Midland Way, Barlborough, Chesterfield, S43 4UL.
Telephone – call our Head Office to discuss your complaint with a member of our management team. Our telephone is: 01246 57 57 44.
Email – send a message to our team at:
Website – you can submit a complaint on our website:
Through a member of our staff – you can discuss your complaint with a member of our Site Staff (Site Manager or Sales Negotiator), but we would ask that you also follow up with a form of written communication to support this.
Through an advocate or representative – should you wish to have a third party make a complaint on your behalf, we will still deal with this in the exact same manner as we would if you complain directly.
Where someone formally complains orally we ask that the complainant follows that up with a written record of the complaint:

  • by letter
  • by email
  • via our website

Our Process for Investigating and Resolving a Complaint

We will acknowledge receipt of a complaint within 5 working days. Your complaint will be referred to a member of Woodall Homes Senior Management Team, on receipt of that claim, who will handle the complaint on behalf of Woodall Homes. This individual will take responsibility for the handling of your complaint and will also have the authority to investigate and settle this.

We will provide a full response to your written complaint within 30 days of receipt.

We will investigate your complaint fairly, consistently and promptly, determine whether the complaint should be upheld, and (if appropriate) determine remedial action and / or redress. We will set out our position in a formal letter.

Our Timetable to Responding to a Complaint

We will keep you informed of our progress and will endeavour to provide complete clarity about our position on your complaint. We will respond formally in written form and will do our best to:

  • explain why we are not in a position to make a final response to you and when we might be expected to provide one;
  • inform you of our final response to the complaint

You should complain as soon as you can after the date on which the event occurred or came to your notice. If you complain more than twelve months later, we may not be able to investigate properly. But we will also consider whether you had good reason for not making the complaint sooner and whether, despite the delay, it is still possible to investigate the complaint effectively and fairly.


We will regard your complaint as closed in the following circumstances:

  • once we have sent you a final response; or
  • where you have told us in writing that you accept an earlier response that we have sent to you; or
  • if you refer your complaint to a regulatory body, when that regulatory body informs us in writing that the complaint has been closed.

Woodall Homes is committed to ensuring that all complaints received are handled fairly, consistently and promptly and that the firm identifies and remedies any recurring or systematic problems, as well as any specific problems identified by a complainant. We will continue to do all we can to learn from the complaints we receive to improve our level of service to you in the future.


If you have any questions about our complaints process, please contact us on 01246 57 57 44 - we are always happy to assist.



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