Whether you are looking to strengthen your property investment portfolio, buy a second home, or are just starting off as a private landlord looking for a sound buy-to-let opportunity, a Woodall home makes an excellent investment.

All of our schemes are built in desirable locations and our houses prove to be just as attractive to tenants as they are to owner occupiers. This combination of desirable homes built in appealing areas, results in an attractive buy-to-let property, commanding good rental levels which will deliver you a strong return on your capital. A Woodall home offers a sound long-term investment opportunity and as a landlord you have the comfort of warranties covering both the structural aspects of the building as well as internal appliances. This means you can better estimate your rental income without the concern of potential major repair costs.

Our endeavour to deliver great customer service does not stop with our owner occupiers. We know our own markets very well and we are happy to help our buy-to-let customers achieve the best possible rental rate for their property. We can help connect you with parties who have approached us to rent one of our properties or recommend suitable estate agents to help you let the property and achieve a good rental income.


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